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Tel: 82-70-4157-6603
Fax: 82-02-365-8035
Address: Inchon,South Korea
Url: www.hyc-kr.com

    Established in Seoul, South Korea, HYC has subsidiaries in many different countries. As a leading manufacturer of fluid automatic control in the world, HYC specializes in R & D and manufacturing of fluid automatic control, fluid transportation and fluid filtration. 
    Our company has sophisticated production equipment and has Engineering Department, Production Management Department and Quality Control Department which organize and coordinate production, and guarantee quality control in all links ranging from raw material, designing, manufacturing, testing, delivery, to customer service.
    HYC electric valve has passed the USA UC security certification, the EU CE certification, explosion-proof certification and fire certification. Our products are widely used in such fields as petroleum, chemical industry, power station, medical treatment, food and environmental water treatment and so on.
    By adhering to the concept of ¡°giving first priority to quality, creditability, ethics and reputation¡±, HYC endeavors to supply excellent products and offer excellent services to its customers.
    Guided by science and technology and focused on investment in science and technology, our company applies a special CAD mechanic design system. By using high-tech mechanical analysis for simulative validation, we have been continuously innovating our products with the best structures and shapes.
    We have taken the lead in establishing a mature microcomputer management network which includes sales, after-sales service, property and labor, personnel, development and design, production, quality and material in all-round microcomputer management, thus considerably enhancing the quality of products.

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